How To Be Photography Blogger & Online Tutor

How To Be Photography Blogger & Online TutorIf you want to become your own boss in photography, here is a way out for you. Start with freelance photography. It applies to the creative industries which where work is of daily nature.

Through this article, we will let you know various factors to be considered for a freelance photography like market work, organizational work, sales, administration which all constitute to be a part of a professional photographer.

Firstly Be a Professional:

If you are passionate regarding your photography, consider the needs of your clients, their expectations, and their schedule timings etc. You should not adjust prices unless your customer mentions the terms and conditions to you. Try hard to give them what they want rather than what you desire.

You can start as a freelance photographer and understand the demands of your clients. Try to show your style and vision in an acceptable way. You will get a majority of individual clients. Try to satisfy them at the most competitive price and assure them of the best quality you are going to provide.

Job Duties Of a Freelancer Photographer:

To explore freelance photography focus on certain areas like press, war, art, family, fashion, nature, etc. Here are some duties that are expected from a freelance photographer:

  • Shoot research
  • Determination of pictorial subjects
  • Use of equipment like software, lenses, cameras, lightning etc.
  • Liaising with professionals like gallery managers, writers, graphic designers etc.
  • Management of image processing
  • Recognising client needs
  • Compiling frame prints and albums
  • Development of portfolios
  • Self marketing


For being a freelance photo developer, you need to develop certain skills in you to make your work decent and presentable. Take a look at the necessary skills you should possess:

  • Marketing skills
  • Editing skills
  • Skill of studying work of others
  • To be flexible and open to your ideas
  • Equipment skills, as in exposure, composition, making most of the camera etc.

Now if you want to shift yourself from a freelance photographer to a photography tutor, go along with the following steps:

Practicing photography: Get a weekly class of photographic instruction, inspiration, and insight from a good photographer, an author or teacher.

Learning for mobile: Learn to use Adobe light-room mobile app to improve or edit your photos. Learn how to make advanced image editing, working with colors, selective adjustments etc.

Make Your Website: For become an online photography tutor, you should have a website where you can upload you guides, video tutorials etc for you website visitors. I will suggest to get Hostgator hosting with 1 cent coupon code and find a good web developer to create your website.

Use social media: Learn the use of social media to expose yourself as a photography professional.

Build an in-house photography studio: Turn your conference hall or any unused space into a photography studio for producing product and portrait photos.

Photoshops: Explore the best photoshop filters and optimal filters to enhance the beauty of your photographs.

Time-lapse photos: Study about time lapse video shooting and post production methods to decrease time and enhance visual effects.

Lightroom development model : Go through the light-room development module and come across to the best ways of streamlining your work and enhancing your photographs.

Portrait photography in natural light: Know how to make the best use of natural light or even of those places where light isn’t good, to make portraits.

Editing techniques: Learn to perform a few editing techniques like resizing, cropping, masking and selecting etc through image editors for Linux, Mac, Windows etc.

LED panel lightning: Learn to use lightning sources like LED panels for photos. Discover some more such sources for continuous light supply.

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